Monday, August 30, 2010

Milkmans Mission

Our very own milkman from Northern Milk Distributors, Haydn, is a new cupcake fan - and we are always feeding him up with new cupcake flavours we are trialing, or roping him into helping if we are insanely busy and he pops by after his shift - the poor thing was made to put his muscles to use for something other than hauling milk the other day, and had to chop 4kgs of chocolate for a batch of chocolate ganache - what a legend!
Haydn has quite the sweet tooth, and is quietly confident, that he could chomp his way through one of our Giant Cupcakes on his own - hmmm....we have pointed out that there is the equivelent of 2 dozen cupcakes in each of those Giant Cupcakes, but he is confident he can do it!
This man means business - he can fit a WHOLE cupcake (with frosting) in his mouth at per the evidence below....

So - we are putting him to the challenge - he informs us that this will be the first in a series of challenges that he undertakes - so watch this space!
To add to the fun - we'd like to involve you guys - and get your input for a bit of a competition - so please pop by the store, and place your 'Guess' in our glass 'Milk Bottle'
We are wanting you to guess if he can actually do it - and if so - what time frame will he do it in.
Each 'Guess' will cost you a Gold Coin donation - and all funds collected will go to the charity of Haydn's choosing which is Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust. The person who has the closest time will win a 6 pack of mixed cupcakes!

We are quietly concerned that this could end up quite messy - but Haydn likes to remind us that he can pack it away - this is a man that can demolish 3 Burger Fuel Burgers and 2 serves of chips in one anything is possible!

Join us in store this Friday 3rd September at 3.30pm!! Ladies and Gentlemen - place your bets!

Well, how exciting! It all came together in the end - after a lot of stress, last minute hold ups and
exhibiting at the Food Show amongst it all - we pulled it off - our store is open for business!
And business it has been - we thought we'd ease ourselves into it, by having a 'soft opening' so opened the doors to
supportive neighbours and locals who kindly let us practice our coffee making skills out on them - and we have been busy girls since!
The Grand Opening was loads of fun with awesome face painting for the littlies by Fab Faces - I wish we had taken pics of all the kids faces that she did, as they were amazing, but here are a couple of cuties that we managed to snap

We have really settled into our new kitchen and space. It feels like we've been there forever.
Attached are pics of the shop in case you havent had a chance to pop in yourself yet.

Oh - how can we forget - we should give you an update on The Food Show -
what a fantastic response we had, lots of keen cupcake taste-testers and many people interested in our towers for events such as birthdays and weddings.
We even sold out of cupcakes a couple of the days which really surprised us as we had been baking dozens and dozens!