Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our blog has moved

Hi All

Now that we have our exciting new website we have moved our blog. Check out our last updates here!!!

The Delish Team x

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vacancies, Weddings, Cupcakes, Websites...Its Go Go Go !!!

Well, its been all systems go around here.
We are barely getting a minute to catch our breath - Food Show, SPCA Cupcake Day, Fathers Day, now the Wedding Show AND searching for another Part-timer.

Dont fret - our amazing Sophie isnt going anywhere, we are just needing more hands on deck, and we're having a wee switch-a-roo. Its exciting to add to the Delish team, and we are certainly looking forward to the extra help!
Details of the position are on our facebook page here: so if you or you know of anyone that is keen, spread the word..the more applications the merrier!

Still waiting to hear the final tally of what was raised at the recent SPCA Cupcake Day, but the cupcakes we'd donated sold out, and we understand that funds raised are up on last year - so that's great to hear!

We had a lovely time at the Grand Wedding Show, and even whizzed around the show ourselves to check out some ideas for Kathryn's sisters wedding next year (where we are bridesmaids). It was neat to look at the other exhibitors wares and actually have a purpose for them, instead of just oohhing and aaahhrring and not having an occasion where they could be used!

We're super chuffed with how fun the Black, White & Yellow Dessert table turned out - The yellow really popped and was a fun contrast against the Black n White. Quite a few brides that came through mentioned that Yellow was in their wedding colour pallet, so that was a stroke of luck!

Exciting that we got to showcase the gorgeous Vintage Lace cupcake paper surrounds. They are ivory in colour, and were just really soft and romantic. We've done them with other colours behind them, and the colour pokes through - we'll have to do some mock ups and line them all up for a pic to show you the difference.

The Green and Brown Koru theme tower was a hit too, with many couples wanting to add a kiwiana feel to their special days - I love brown and green together..and who doesnt love chocolate!!

Still waiting for the last little bits and bobs to be done on the new website. We know you're excited to see will shout from the rooftops when its here...

Let us know what you think of all the wedding goodies...oh..and if you have emailed us through any enquiries (wedding related or not) - just know we are replying as quickly as possible...there really are just not enough hours in the day!

Catch you soon


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Cant believe that its that time of year again...what to do? What to do? Soap on a rope?, Socks?, Slippers? BBQ tools?, Rod Steward CD?, Old Spice? hmmmm, they've all kinda been done to death huh?! Well, luckily that blokes like cupcakes too!

When we first opened, we have to admit we were quite surprised with the number of guys that come in to purchase some sweet treats, and even more surprised to find that its often the guys that drive the decision regarding flavour of wedding cupcake towers!

So this Saturday, we will have some bloke friendly flavours in store - they'll be baked fresh as usual, so will be fine for you to store them in an airtight containers somewhere at home, to give to the special man in your life come Fathers Day this Sunday morning.
We aren't usually open on Sunday's and aren't going to make an exemption or do deliveries on Sunday, as we want to spend the day with our special men too..we're sure you understand!

Blokey Favourites available as pictured above:
Boston Gnome - Vanilla stuffed with Custard topped in Vanilla dipped in Chocolate
Luck of the Irish - Guinness infused chocolatey cupcake topped with Baileys irish cream frosting
Choc Bomb - Double Chocolate with Chocolate Ganache
Buzz Bar - Stuffed with Caramel & Marshmellow, topped in Vanilla Chocolate
Tiramisu - Stuffed with coffee filling, infused with espresso and topped in coffee cream cheese
Cookie Dough - Caramelly cupcake with chewy cookie dough inside.

Pre-orders taken for pick ups - we recommend a box of 6 (one of each flavour) or a Dozen (2 of each flavour) for variety.
The last day for pre-ordering - particularly for deliveries will be Friday mid-day.
Of course, we'll be baking our wee hearts out so there are lots instore, but in order to avoid disappointment, its a good idea to get your order in.
We havent got a special 'Fathers Day' set on our website (as our new one is still in development behind the scenes) - so just order a different flavour from the online menu and in the 'special instructions to merchant' state: Fathers Day mix' and we'll get it sorted - or give us a call at the shop: 09 974 3349

So think about your men...Dads, Grandads, Stepdads, Dads of your 'Fur Children' - or the special Father figure in your life, and grab them something on Saturday. We all know the way to their hearts is through their tummies!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

SPCA Cupcake Day Tomorrow!

Wow, we cant believe how the time has flown...another year has gone by, and its time for SPCA Cupcake Day again.
We are suckers for our furry friends, as you can tell in this picture, and are pleased to be support SPCA Cupcake day again...this time in quite a big way!
We've been super busy baking up a storm, so that you can get your hands on some of our Cupcakes, with all proceeds going to the SPCA.

There will be 2 stands set up on the North Shore, so that you can grab a cupcake on your way to work, and help this amazing cause at the same time.

Where & When:

Albany Park and Ride from 6.30am
Takapuna outside the information centre, 49 Hurstmere Road (next to NZ Post) - from 7.30am -

Tomorrow - Monday 29th August 2011

We will also have a limited number of animal themed cupcakes in store.

None of these are available for pre-order or delivery, so its first in first served.

Even if you dont get your hands on one of our cupcakes, there are many hard working home bakers in the community arranging their own fundraisers within schools, workplaces and morning teas for the SPCA, so we hope that you'll be involved one way or another, whether its buying, baking, or just donating to official collectors.

We cant wait to see how much is raised!

Be sure take pictures of any of your creations if you're getting involved, we'd love to see them.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finally an update!!

Please forgive us for the EXTREME delay between blog posts. We've been rather busy girls in the shop (those cupcakes dont just bake themselves gosh darn it!), and our religious posting to our facebook page is good, and tonnes of work going on in the background for our hot new website has been happening, our poor ol blog has been neglected...will you forgive us? Pretty please with sprinkles on top?

A pinky promise to you - we will start to blog weekly...shocking I know...BUT...its in our calendar..with reminders even..WHOA..thats official!

Recap in Bullet Points incase you've missed any action of late..

  • We celebrated 1 year in our store...INSANE how the time has flown! - We have really settled into the store and have some amazing locals and regulars - its rather like Cheers sometimes with peeps popping into visit, staying for their lunch from the sushi shop a few doors down, and where everybody knooows your naaaame!

  • Sophie who has joined our team rocks our world, and is possibly as zany as us. She makes AMAZING Cake pops - which we always say are AMAZEBALLS, and the bad jokes just keep flyin around the kitchen...but seriously, if you haven't tried a Cake Pop...then do it..keep you eye out for them on Saturdays instore.

  • We got some HOT canvas art for the store of our cupcakes, which has really brightened up the place, and helped considerably with the echo (go figure!)

  • Got our new wee vehicle which is perfect for zipping around on cupcake business with our Pink logo on the back...she is affectionately known as Daisy, so if you see her around, give her a friendly finger signals thanks (note to self..have to curb the inner road rage now that vehicle is signwritten!)

  • More exciting new flavours added to our range, making appearances in store from time to time, some we have dreamed up whilst hungry, and some are from your awesome suggestions...keep em comin..we love coming up with new flavours.

  • Kathryn has two new fur babies, adopted from Raewyns Cat Rescue. They've settled into home and putting up with their big 4 year old human brother very well, and are already growing quickly.

  • Another fantastic Food Show has been and gone (and we have our voices back now from our constant talking!! hehe) It was great as always meeting all sorts of awesome peeps, handing our zillions of mini's for taste testers and swapping goodies with other exhibitors! hehe.. We got a great response from one of our dessert tables that we had on display - even having a couple of things swiped of it!

  • Colleen is having fun with the evening classes, teaching you keen home cupcakers the secrets the buttercream frosting, meeting lots of fellow baking addicts and having some laughs along the way.

  • Brilliant having a few of the papers, womens magazines and online sites featuring us of late - Thanks to Womans Day, New Idea, nzgirl, Sunday Star Times & The North Shore Times. Still a little odd seeing our logo and cupcakes in print sometimes!

  • The Novelty of our iphones still hasnt worn off, so please forgive us for experimenting with a million different picture apps, labels and filters for our site, and spamming our Facebook wall & Twitter with them! We have to say though, being able to see your orders in our calendar at the touch of a button wherever we are, or clicking on your address or phone number when we're a tad lost is invaluable!

  • Pita Pit has opened on Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay - so a 5 min drive to get our lunch fix is a regular occurance...YAY for a yummy balance - we have to be good girls with all the important cupcake taste testing that goes on

  • We have ANOTHER new obsession....Pinterest.....words cant describe it...its our happy place - full of inspiration, beautiful things, amazing recipes, DIY projects we never have any time for, and everyone elses perfect houses that we put in our 'Lotto Dreams' board...oh, and cakes and cupcakes...lets not forget those!..Heaven....if you are not scared of being sucked in as we have been - then we dare you to look -

  • Been workin on our new website...I swear we have written enough content there that is the equivalent of writing a book - Super excited that its due to launch eyes peeled

  • Really looking forward to the next SPCA Cupcake Day - we are going to be super busy as we are donating LOTS of cupcakes for the SPCA to sell at a couple of sites on the North post to come about that, so stay tuned!

Righto...catch you soooooon...PROMISE!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mother's Day High Tea Giveaway

We wanted to do an extra special giveaway this Mother's Day.

We're giving you the Chance To Spoil Your Mum With a High Tea - ON US! Up to 4 people can attend at 11.00am this Sunday, 8th May!

You'll be served a delicious selection of savouries, petite sandwiches and sweet items presented on a three-tier pedestal served with your choice of tea or coffee, to spoil your Mum.
To Win High Tea at Delish Cupcakes just email us why your Mum, is the 'Best Mum In The World'.

All entries must be in by Thursday 5th May and the winner will be selected at random shortly after. You must be able to attend this Sunday.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Thank you for getting your bake on!!

Well - its taken us some time to gather our thoughts and breath after the AMAZING group effort that was the 'Get Your Bake On' Fundraiser the other week. I fear this post will not even come close to expressing how wonderful and generous you all are but we will give it a go!! We are still utterly OVERWHELMED by the support shown from the community and other businesses, and wonder how long it will take us to get rid of the fuzzy feelings that it bought? And also when we'll stop tearing up at stories that have come from all of this!

Incase you missed the news - we are so excited to tell you that we managed to raise: $6,664.40 on the day!
Our landlords were so chuffed with the community feel on the day and all the support for the event, so they contributed an additional $1000 directly to the Red Cross appeal.
A lot of people had suggested that we get the amount raised on the day matched by one of the larger corporations that were offering to do so and we thought 'heck, the more money raised the better!', so we have contacted Paper Plus, and luckily they hadnt reached their cap, so they are matching our efforts! Which is amazing news. Imagine...$13,328.80!!!!

We know that its just a drop in the bucket for the relief fund, but we also know that every dollar helps, and its neat to think that the Red Cross will distribute the funds in the best way possible.

What started with a simple idea for a Bake Sale, became almost bigger than Ben Hur!
With Baking being donated by people from all over Auckland, and businesses contacting us left right and centre with offers of help, and products to sell or raffle, we were very busy girls co-ordinating it.
Phone calls were quickly made to our Mums (always the first call huh!?, and we figured we could call on their experience from School fundraisers and bake sales they've been involved with in the past) and friends and family to help pull it all together!

There was much organising to do, and we were trying to make sure that we'd thought of everything from bags & tongs to price tags, pens, were there enough helpers for the day, rubbish bags, extra loo paper incase we had an influx of people needing loo breaks, or should we hire a port-a-loo?.
Had we contacted all the local papers and radio stations & schools?
Did you post the flyers up at that Supermarket last night, or did I?
Where did we put the contact details for that person go?
Did you book the trestles?
We need to order more chocolate...
What are we going to do about traffic / parking?
What if it rains?
Heck I forgot to get more cellotape....and so it continued.....

Our 'joke' of a company motto certainly came into effect 'There are 24 useable hours in every day'
The phone would not stop ringing!
The paranoia started to set in for us, and we were worried that there wouldnt be enough baking to actually sell on the day, so we got busy in the kitchen too - over 1000 mini's, a mountain of Martha Stewart crackle biscuits, tonnes of chocolate crackles and lots of gingerbread.
Not to mention we had lots of usual cupcake baking to squeeze in amongst the madness. Weddings, birthdays and special treats apparently dont just stop because we decided to have a good ol fashioned Bake Sale!

We experienced the power of Social Media first hand, with generous offers of help of baking, helping on the day. printing, photos, goodies, flyer distribution, all coming through Facebook & Twitter.
Still, one of the best forms of advertising still has to be the trusty 'Word of Mouth'! The amount of people that mentioned a friend or relative had told them about it was really touching. Its so neat to think that people were talking about it with each other and helping to spread the word whichever way they could.

People were so positive, and many said they felt that it made them feel as though they were actually doing something to help, all the way from up here, as they had felt so hopeless being far away, which is exactly as we'd felt.
Volunteers remained calm and collected as we were running around like headless chooks.

With everyones help and generosity, it all came together on the day! Except for the manky muggy, drizzly and sometimes rainy weather....but even that didnt stop everyone from coming on down to grab some yummy treats :)
We were silly billies for being paranoid about the lack of baking, as we had NOTHING to worry about, the amount of baking donated was PHENOMINAL - and it was all gone by 4pm! There are some very happy bellies out there, and people are still commenting about the goodies they snapped up on the day.
The calibre of goodies donated stunned us as they were coming through the door.
A lot of thought and time had been put into it by so many people. Lovely packaging, adorable decorations, decadent ingredients, clear labeling to be wary of allergies etc. Mouthwatering and mind blowing!

Some absolutely amazing pictures were snapped of the day, you can view them by following these facebook links.!/album.php?aid=274468&id=40805749439!/album.php?aid=276163&id=267169108552&fbid=10150115974133553

We would like to personally thank each and every person and company who contributed in their own way, this is rather difficult as not everyone has an email address, or even left their details when they dropped off baking, or dropped in to help - so if this is you - you know how amazing you are and we're sending you a GIANT virtual hug!
We appreciate how long it takes to bake from scratch, and how tiring it can be on your feet for long periods of time, but our amazing volunteers never waivered - they continued re-packaging, pricing, selling, chatting and smiling. Brilliant.

Here is a wee list of some of the businesses that helped in some way, make sure you keep them in mind if you ever need their services, they're good sorts!:

3A Copy & Design Takapuna - Who was the first to contact us and printed all the posters and flyers

Kate for designing our awesome poster

Carlton Party Hire, Glenfield - who supplied the tonnes of trestle tables on the day

Cook The Books - who were a pick up point for baking in Ponsonby, and rustled up and helped man the amazing sausage sizzle

Grant Allen - Cook, who had the BEST sausage sizzle with pure angus saussies & homemade, homegrown relish
Fab Art - Facepainting - Jakkii Goody came all the way from Pukekohe and did many many cute designs on young AND old!

Robbie - from Vauxall Cafe who manned our coffee machine when we were running around outside like headless chooks
Little Cookies - Kirin helped all day, baked, donated cupcake cases to fellow bakers and leant her mobile eftpos machine!

Available Light Photography - such stunning pics were taken, during the madness of the morning

Jel Photography - More awesome pics before they were off to shoot a wedding

Goldenbridge - some great prizes for the Raffle

Kiwicakes - more awesome goodies for the Raffle

Hype Hair Design - our neighbours on the strip, who put up with the madness, and donated hairproduct to sell, and a great Raffle pack

R.J.Don Panelbeaters - who donated full Valet vouchers for the Raffle

Kara Huddart - local Tupperware dealer with goodies for the Raffle

Best Blooms - for the gorgeous poseys that were donated to sell

Fiona - who stayed the whole day, and was filled with positivity and enthusiasm

Rachael - A brilliant helper, baker, photographer, blogger...

Kevin from Chocolate Earth in Browns Bay who baked hundreds of brownies...which were devine

The always supportive Lyn Potter for covering the event before and after!

Campbell of Gen-i - for donating the amazing Telecom Smart Phone for the Raffle
Jenna Watt - who donated Facial Spa Certificates to sell - there will be some lucky ladies getting facials with amazing products from Nutrimetics
Kieren Streifler & Sharon Holden - packaging and pricing machines!
Anne Langton - Raffle Queen
Haydn Rutherford - Milkman Extraordinare - collecting baking, lugging heavy things, lantern duty, stall holder
Carol from the Op Shop - those Toffee Apples & Apple Crumble were sooo amazing
The Cupcake Girls from the Variety Club Bash, who say patiently wrapping toffee apples Fri afternoon
The Dairy next door - who gave Cash Out to people on Eftpos all day!
And it goes on....and on.....

There are just sooo many people who made this event so special, and we cant thank you enough for everything....some fellow kiwis are very lucky that you have their backs.

At the risk of sounding super soppy...I think we can just sum up the day with three words, and will leave you with that....

Heartwarming. Generosity. Community.

Kathryn & Colleen