Monday, February 28, 2011

Competition update

Hi Guys
With all that's going on with our bake sale we have decided to postpone our competition for another week. That means if you haven't got your entry in yet you have until Friday 4th to enter. We will announce the top five over the weekend and then you can start voting on which one would be your favourite. We will have the top 5 in store to sample Saturday 12th March.
Can't wait to get baking!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Celebratory Cupcakes Close to home

Well, we received some SUPER exciting news - over the weekend, Kathryn's sister (and sometimes cupcake helper) got engaged to her partner Al.
Now when Al was in the shop just before Valentines flexing his muscles cutting up 12kgs of chocolate for our ganache, and Fee was in here furiously making up cake boxes, WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT that the next week, they'd be announcing their engagement.
Its just so neat...and now the first question that springs to mind is 'Engagement Party Catering'
Oh...engagement party cupcakes!...heck...what theme??
Fee is fun and stylish, loves girly things & purple and Al is dedicated to martial arts, Rock Music and all things blokey and with some sci-fi thrown in - so what will it be??
Purple Ninjas, Nun-chucks with flowers, ACDC & Dirty Dancing inspired cupcakes?, Stargate/Handbags & Necklaces?
We're in quite the tizzy....
What if they dont even want cupcakes?? How will we cope.....and now the next thing to think about....fitting into hot outfits for the wedding...'Operation: Stop Taste Testing the Cupcakes and commence dieting to avoid double chins in professional photos' must commence!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dream up a Delish

Well - we LOVE dreaming up new flavours, and are always inspired by recipe books (real ones and online ones) and we know that so many of you have amazing talents in the kitchen - or just amazing taste buds, so we want to run a wee competition where you win, as do your tastebuds - we love your interaction - after all, you are as passionate about cupcakes as us, and we love your input.
So here goes....
Dream up a new Delish Flavour
If there is a favourite flavour of yours that we havent got on our menu, or had in the past, that you think would be super yum, then tell us about it.
Break it down by being as descriptive as possible - include name of the cupcake (something fun, quirky or a play on words), what flavours should be in the cupcake base, the frosting flavour & type, any decoration - should it have stuffing? etc
Here's an example:
Name: 'Ink Pink' (Pinky Bar inspired)
Base: Choc
Stuffing (if applicable) : Marshmellow & Caramel
Frosting Flavour: Rasberry & Chocolate
Frosting Type: Buttercream
Decoration/Style: Frosting swirl is verigated half and half
Here's the downlow:
  • Entries will be open until Friday 4th of March. Then we'll pick a Top 5.
  • We'll make those flavours HAPPEN - We'll post pics, and have them instore for tasting on Saturday 5th March.
  • The 5 Finalists will get to collect a 6 pack from our store of their flavoured cupcakes to gobble up all themselves.
  • We'll take votes in store and online for peoples favourite from the Top 5
  • The winner will be announced Friday 11th of March!!
  • Winner gets naming (and bragging) rights to their creation, and their creation will be added to our menu available for ordering online, and instore weekly for a month (or even longer if its a big hit!)
  • Most importantly, the winner will receive 1 dozen of THEIR flavour!!!
How to enter - please email your entry including all the details to:
Please include your name & address.
Dont forget to spread to news to your friends on Facebook - the more ideas the better!
CANT WAIT to see the entries flow in - and for us to start tweeking them in the kitchen

Long Time No Hear....

Right - FIRST off - we are making a commitment to you to blog more often - we get so busy in the shop, and time flies - BUT - we are blog junkies ourselves, and love reading what others are up to, so need to stop being so nosey ourselves, and let you guys in more! We hope you dont bore you too much with cupcakes - but we are kinda obsessed - so we will burble on about other stuff you may or may not find interesting too!