Sunday, November 29, 2009

Name that cupcake??

We are launching our new pineapple lump flavoured cupcake on our website. What we want you to do is think of a name!! Email us your name, address and contact ph number along with what you think it should be called. The prize is a Giant Pineapple lump flavoured cupcake valued at $80 this will be delivered to you this Sunday afternoon.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

'tis the season

Our Christmas cupcakes are now available on our website. Please get in touch with us if you would like to make an order for your family, friends or workplace!!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

More on Halloween

Well, you already saw the halloween pics - but here are the pics of them all lined up ready for orders and for the market.Air NZ had a special market for their staff, and we did the Halloween themed ones for the day. People loved them, including the popular kiwi band, Midnight Youth who were playing in the courtyard.
We had a great view of them from our stall and loved rocking along between selling the cupcakes!Getting into the market day spirit, we had fun making some halloween coloured toffee apples for something different - people exclaimed they hadnt had a toffee apple for years and they were snapped up quickly....hopefully there werent any emergency trips to the dentist - I'd forgotten how hard they were to eat!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Baking for Hospice

A few months back I was reading another baking blog and I read that the person had done some baking for hospice. I did a bit of googling and got to the bottom of what was going on. A wonderful kind lady coordinates baking for the North Shore hospice on a monthly basis.
Every month there is a different theme which is a fun way to do it. People bake what they like and then drop their baking off at drop off points. Nessie then travels around and picks up the baking and take it to Hospice. The baking is for the patients and their families. It's so nice to know there are so many caring people out there who give up their time to help others.
Nessie has just created the baking for hospice blog I had to laugh while looking at last months baking pics there was also a photo of Delish's number 1 fan (our little man Harrison). He is such a cheeky little thing and turns on the charm whenever there is a camera. Please take a look at the site and what it's all about. Of course if you are in the North Shore area and love baking please get in touch with Nessie!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween 2009

Wow 2 posts in one day is pretty good for us!! We couldn't wait to share our Halloween cupcake creations :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

1000 cupcakes and more

The day finally arrived for the Bake Sale for Architecture week, and what a mad day it was! We knew that it would not be a walk in the park baking & decorating 1000 cupcakes and we did loads of planning, and many hours prep leading up to it, to make it as smooth as possible.
Fondant flowers and hearts were hand made and all ready to adorn the cupcakes. Ingredients were measured and weighed in advance, family members were roped in to gather things last minute for us, a LOT of diet coke was consumed (we think this may be our secret energy source...much better than water!), 20 kilos of chocolate was melted for the loads of chocolate ganache required, countless kilos of butter and icing sugar was whipped to perfection for the frosting, cupcake tins were lined with many many cupcake papers and our poor little aprons were covered in every ingredient under the sun!
1300 cupcakes (better to bake more than not enough!) were baked to perfection and a team of volunteers formed a 'chain gang' to decorate and box them. We were very worried about the weather leading up to the event as the rain had been terrible, but the sun shone down on the Pavillion outside at Britomart and local office workers stumbled out of their cubicles and were eager for their cupcakes before they had even been placed in the structure.
Here are some pics, incase you couldnt make it or incase you did get there but the cupcakes had already been snapped up - they certainly disappeared in record time. This was good news for the Starship Foundation, as we understand that the donation buckets were getting heavy with gold coins.
We are pleased that our cupcakes were enjoyed by so many, and were chuffed that the Starship Foundation have been supported by so many cupcake lovers.

Aside from the big event, we've made some other cute cupcakes. Check out these cricket themed cupcakes for a cricket mad boys birthday. The handmade fondant decorations look so cool nestled in the bright green buttercream frosting 'grass' and it was great to find a different use for the spaceman lollies that were the wickets!
we also did our usual Garden of Eden cupcakes, but the birthday girl loved Blue, so we were only to happy to make them in that colour as well, they looked so vibrant, and we love the fondant '16' against the chocolate ganache.
Sticking to 'Blue' - here were some baby shower cupcakes. The proud grand-mum to be arranged them, and the baby shower had a planes trains and automobile theme, so we alternated the baby grow suits with little planes - adorable!

We're gearing up for Halloween, so keep an eye out for some fun goulish cupcakes!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sunrise's Stuck on Suzuki

We here at Delish are very excited that boss lady Colleen is one of the finalists in Sunrise's Stuck on Suzuki competition!!!
Tune into Sunrise from 7am Monday morning to watch the madness unfold. We will keep you all posted with regular updates on our facebook page. We will also be keeping the contestants and helpers going with yummy would be rude not too.

Motto for the competition: Eyes on the prize :)

Good Luck Colleen - We know you can do eeeeeeeeet x

NOTE - Colleen didn't win the car but she lasted an amazing 52 hours!!

Monday, September 28, 2009



Cupcake Pavilion

With Auckland Architecture Week 09 fast approaching, preparation is in full swing for an exciting fundraising event unlike anything seen in New Zealand before.

From midday till midnight, on Friday October 16th, the OH.NO.SUMO team and their wonderful helpers will be selling delicious cupcakes from a pavilion, constructed entirely of corrugated cardboard, at the Britomart precinct. All to raise money for the Starship Childrens Hospital.

After forming in early 2009, the OH.NO.SUMO team set their sights on Auckland Architecture Week 09 with the goal to use design in a fun and exciting way, to give back to the community with a unique project. What says community more than a bake sale! An event that draws one and all to enjoy delicious treats together. For only $2.00 people will be able to choose their own parcel of baked goodness to enjoy around our sculptural pavilion.

With such a child-like event it seems only fitting that we put our efforts towards helping children. It was therefore an easy decision, that all proceeds from the sale of the cupcakes will go to the Starship Children’s Hospital, which in turn will help to put a smile on a few more faces. The wonderful people at Delish Cupcakes also saw the potential for this community event and are generously giving their time and skill to donate 1000 cupcakes to fill our pavilion and share a bit of happiness throughout Auckland’s CBD.

It was imperative that the design echo the fun and playful nature of the event, while creating an exciting spectacle that entices people to get involved. The result is a formation of intersecting, dual-curving and faceted surfaces creating a dramatic pavilion that will shelter its occupants and customers while creating intrigue for passers by.

While simple in appearance, the pavilion will be constructed from hundreds of unique pieces, created using 3D modeling software and cut using the industrial laser cutting technology at G.B.Petty Ltd, and slotted together on site. The faceted design supplies a place for each tantalizing cupcake, individually housed in its own mini cardboard pavilion. The cupcakes also play an integral part in the appearance of the fa├žade, allowing the solid form to dissipate during the day, as cupcakes are sold, allowing light to pass through.

The excitement of a unique architectural feature and the knowledge that enjoying a delicious treat will be helping the community, means that the best place to be on the afternoon of Friday 16th October is at the Britomart Precinct enjoying a cupcake from the OH.NO.SUMO Cup Cake Pavilion raising money for the Starship Children’s Hospital.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weddings, dolls and more giant cupcakes

Something else extra cute...Babushka dolls!
These are just too cute not to share...

Fun with Giant Cupcakes

Our Giant Cupcake is getting more and more popular, and we are producing more of those each week - the Cottage Garden is a firm favourite, but we've had fun putting together some special themed ones for people.
Check out our 'Punk themed' - with white chocolate skull & crossbones.

The 'Hedgehog Garden' was adorable, with hedgehogs made with the ever versatile Milo Cereal curls for 'spikes'

A 'Girly' theme was super cute with all things girly, dresses, handbags and shoes.

A Special Wedding.
Wow - Pics of our cupcakes made the National News for the second time within a couple of months!
This time round was relating to weddings held on the 9th day of the 9th month 2009 - and we had done some lovely Calla Lily cupcakes for a wedding held at St Mathews in the City, and imagine our surprise when we saw them on the news! We've had many excited calls from friends and family asking if they were ours, and we are chuffed to confirm they were.
The cupcakes were a mixture of double chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with handmade fondant calla lillies in white & purple. The cake topper was double chocolate with more larger calla lillies to be in keeping with the cupcakes.
Here are some pics of the cupcakes in the church and of the lovely couple:

More on Weddings...the Wedding Show.
We exhibited at the Grand Wedding Show at the Aotea Centre last weekend, and had a great time meeting all the brides to be, and their fiance's (which strangely didnt look like they were being dragged along) and had fun putting together the Black & White cupcakes for display - which were gladly gobbled up by other exhibitors at the end of the show.
Only downside was being towed from the loading zone - funnily enough whilst we were unloading all cupcakes etc for the show...hmmm...note to self...loading zone isnt as it seems!....hmm...the cheek!
Check out the surprise mention we got in the Waikato Times

Monday, August 31, 2009

August update

Sorry its been a long time between drinks..oops...I mean Blog updates. We have been very busy girls with lots of orders and exciting things in the pipeline.

We've just participated in our very first SPCA Cupcake day, which was really fun. It was great to be a part of such a large event that bought cupcake and animal lovers together. We had a great response to our cute animal themed cupcakes.The Paws & Bones were a bit hit, and sold out first...we think that there are quite a few chocolate lovers out there who were enticed by the cute chunk of choc on top.The Kittens were verycute, and we are happy to share our secret that everyone was asking 'What are the kittens ears made from?' - They are pieces of Milo cereal - who said cupcakes werent for breakfast??!! and who could resist those Puppy Dog eyes!

We're excited to be exhibiting at
the upcoming Grand Wedding Show at the Aotea Centre in
Auckland, Sunday 13th September - which is only a couple of weeks away!
For details & tickets, go to:
We're really looking forward to meeting couples who will be able to see how eye catching our cupcake towers can
look in the flesh and enjoy some tastings. We may even be doing a little celeb spotting,
as we understand there are some real 'dancing stars' there to help out with wedding dances.

We've had some fun orders and enjoyed making some Christmas themed cupcakes for a mid winter christmas morning tea. Good practice to actual christmas, which will be here before we know it!

And here were have some casino themed cupcakes - we love the bold colours and how effective the simple dice look.

We are so chuffed with the way that this Giant Cupcake turned out - and so was the lucky birthday
The handpiped chocolate butterflies were such a brilliant feature and looked great against the pink strawberry frosting - very girly girl :)

We cant wait for even more designs for the giant cupcake to fit with peoples favourite themes - we have a lot of fun making them, and they make such a great centrepiece.

Promise to blog again soon

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Giant Cupcakes

Our latest cupcake obsession is the Giant Cupcakes, we now have them for sale on our site. We love making them and have so much fun creating new flavours and designs. Below is our Pirate themed Vanilla cake.


Cupcake celebrations will commence on Monday 31st August 2009 – the official national Cupcake Day for the SPCA.

To support the SPCA we have a special range of animal themed cupcakes for you to choose from.

We are proud to be donating all proceeds from the sale of these cupcakes to the SPCA, and are so excited to be supporting our furry friends as this is a cause that is close to our hearts.

Click here to support the NZ SPCA Cupcake Day!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Auckland Food Show 2009

We were most excited to exhibit for the first time at The Food Show in Auckland last week and were honored to provide the Food Show with their 10 year Birthday Cake.
And were so excited when we saw our cupcakes appear at the end of One News -

As we were a late entry, we had just a week to prepare and had to 'pull in the big guns' so to speak, with enlisting help from friends and family, and its just as well we did, as we are proud to say that our stand was a big hit at the show.
Our web designer was even helping out, and got rather mobbed when holding the tasting tray.
We added as much colour as we could to our stand to break up the black surround with our bold giant logo (pronounced 'log-go' a la Rhys Darby!) and stunning enlarged product shots.

Our little 'counter' looked adorable filled with some of our range
We thought it would be a nice touch to get our logo put on some fondant for one of our displays. It turned out really well.
We had a Display 'Pod' in another area of the hall which contained a cupcake Pedistool with special Food Show Cupcakes, one of our new Giant Cupcakes and gorgeous handmade cupcake flowers made with cupcake cases inspired by Donna Hay.
So much interest was generated and were chatting to people so much that we are starting to lose our voices!

Our toes are still a tad numb from standing all day and then baking and decorating all night but we are still buzzing from the excitement that our cupcakes generated and the overwhelming support of cupcake lovers. We were flattered that so many people wanted to take photos of our cupcakes, so we snapped some of the people taking photos ourselves!
Check out all our cupcakes housed and ready for dispatch in this shot
We cant wait to exhibit again next Food Show and meet more like minded foodies :)