Saturday, October 24, 2009

1000 cupcakes and more

The day finally arrived for the Bake Sale for Architecture week, and what a mad day it was! We knew that it would not be a walk in the park baking & decorating 1000 cupcakes and we did loads of planning, and many hours prep leading up to it, to make it as smooth as possible.
Fondant flowers and hearts were hand made and all ready to adorn the cupcakes. Ingredients were measured and weighed in advance, family members were roped in to gather things last minute for us, a LOT of diet coke was consumed (we think this may be our secret energy source...much better than water!), 20 kilos of chocolate was melted for the loads of chocolate ganache required, countless kilos of butter and icing sugar was whipped to perfection for the frosting, cupcake tins were lined with many many cupcake papers and our poor little aprons were covered in every ingredient under the sun!
1300 cupcakes (better to bake more than not enough!) were baked to perfection and a team of volunteers formed a 'chain gang' to decorate and box them. We were very worried about the weather leading up to the event as the rain had been terrible, but the sun shone down on the Pavillion outside at Britomart and local office workers stumbled out of their cubicles and were eager for their cupcakes before they had even been placed in the structure.
Here are some pics, incase you couldnt make it or incase you did get there but the cupcakes had already been snapped up - they certainly disappeared in record time. This was good news for the Starship Foundation, as we understand that the donation buckets were getting heavy with gold coins.
We are pleased that our cupcakes were enjoyed by so many, and were chuffed that the Starship Foundation have been supported by so many cupcake lovers.

Aside from the big event, we've made some other cute cupcakes. Check out these cricket themed cupcakes for a cricket mad boys birthday. The handmade fondant decorations look so cool nestled in the bright green buttercream frosting 'grass' and it was great to find a different use for the spaceman lollies that were the wickets!
we also did our usual Garden of Eden cupcakes, but the birthday girl loved Blue, so we were only to happy to make them in that colour as well, they looked so vibrant, and we love the fondant '16' against the chocolate ganache.
Sticking to 'Blue' - here were some baby shower cupcakes. The proud grand-mum to be arranged them, and the baby shower had a planes trains and automobile theme, so we alternated the baby grow suits with little planes - adorable!

We're gearing up for Halloween, so keep an eye out for some fun goulish cupcakes!

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