Monday, September 28, 2009



Cupcake Pavilion

With Auckland Architecture Week 09 fast approaching, preparation is in full swing for an exciting fundraising event unlike anything seen in New Zealand before.

From midday till midnight, on Friday October 16th, the OH.NO.SUMO team and their wonderful helpers will be selling delicious cupcakes from a pavilion, constructed entirely of corrugated cardboard, at the Britomart precinct. All to raise money for the Starship Childrens Hospital.

After forming in early 2009, the OH.NO.SUMO team set their sights on Auckland Architecture Week 09 with the goal to use design in a fun and exciting way, to give back to the community with a unique project. What says community more than a bake sale! An event that draws one and all to enjoy delicious treats together. For only $2.00 people will be able to choose their own parcel of baked goodness to enjoy around our sculptural pavilion.

With such a child-like event it seems only fitting that we put our efforts towards helping children. It was therefore an easy decision, that all proceeds from the sale of the cupcakes will go to the Starship Children’s Hospital, which in turn will help to put a smile on a few more faces. The wonderful people at Delish Cupcakes also saw the potential for this community event and are generously giving their time and skill to donate 1000 cupcakes to fill our pavilion and share a bit of happiness throughout Auckland’s CBD.

It was imperative that the design echo the fun and playful nature of the event, while creating an exciting spectacle that entices people to get involved. The result is a formation of intersecting, dual-curving and faceted surfaces creating a dramatic pavilion that will shelter its occupants and customers while creating intrigue for passers by.

While simple in appearance, the pavilion will be constructed from hundreds of unique pieces, created using 3D modeling software and cut using the industrial laser cutting technology at G.B.Petty Ltd, and slotted together on site. The faceted design supplies a place for each tantalizing cupcake, individually housed in its own mini cardboard pavilion. The cupcakes also play an integral part in the appearance of the fa├žade, allowing the solid form to dissipate during the day, as cupcakes are sold, allowing light to pass through.

The excitement of a unique architectural feature and the knowledge that enjoying a delicious treat will be helping the community, means that the best place to be on the afternoon of Friday 16th October is at the Britomart Precinct enjoying a cupcake from the OH.NO.SUMO Cup Cake Pavilion raising money for the Starship Children’s Hospital.

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