Friday, November 6, 2009

Baking for Hospice

A few months back I was reading another baking blog and I read that the person had done some baking for hospice. I did a bit of googling and got to the bottom of what was going on. A wonderful kind lady coordinates baking for the North Shore hospice on a monthly basis.
Every month there is a different theme which is a fun way to do it. People bake what they like and then drop their baking off at drop off points. Nessie then travels around and picks up the baking and take it to Hospice. The baking is for the patients and their families. It's so nice to know there are so many caring people out there who give up their time to help others.
Nessie has just created the baking for hospice blog I had to laugh while looking at last months baking pics there was also a photo of Delish's number 1 fan (our little man Harrison). He is such a cheeky little thing and turns on the charm whenever there is a camera. Please take a look at the site and what it's all about. Of course if you are in the North Shore area and love baking please get in touch with Nessie!!


  1. Hi Girls, geographically, I'm not close enough to do any baking. But if I can help out by giving you some sleeves of cupcake papers for you to use for Hospice, just let me know. KInd regards Sandra

  2. Thanks Sandra!! That is really sweet of you :)