Monday, August 3, 2009

The Auckland Food Show 2009

We were most excited to exhibit for the first time at The Food Show in Auckland last week and were honored to provide the Food Show with their 10 year Birthday Cake.
And were so excited when we saw our cupcakes appear at the end of One News -

As we were a late entry, we had just a week to prepare and had to 'pull in the big guns' so to speak, with enlisting help from friends and family, and its just as well we did, as we are proud to say that our stand was a big hit at the show.
Our web designer was even helping out, and got rather mobbed when holding the tasting tray.
We added as much colour as we could to our stand to break up the black surround with our bold giant logo (pronounced 'log-go' a la Rhys Darby!) and stunning enlarged product shots.

Our little 'counter' looked adorable filled with some of our range
We thought it would be a nice touch to get our logo put on some fondant for one of our displays. It turned out really well.
We had a Display 'Pod' in another area of the hall which contained a cupcake Pedistool with special Food Show Cupcakes, one of our new Giant Cupcakes and gorgeous handmade cupcake flowers made with cupcake cases inspired by Donna Hay.
So much interest was generated and were chatting to people so much that we are starting to lose our voices!

Our toes are still a tad numb from standing all day and then baking and decorating all night but we are still buzzing from the excitement that our cupcakes generated and the overwhelming support of cupcake lovers. We were flattered that so many people wanted to take photos of our cupcakes, so we snapped some of the people taking photos ourselves!
Check out all our cupcakes housed and ready for dispatch in this shot
We cant wait to exhibit again next Food Show and meet more like minded foodies :)

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  1. Wow! Look at all those cupcakes! How long did it take to get all those ready and how many did you guys have to bake? Those look like the perfect containers for storing cupcakes without fear of smashing em!

    Congrats on the big show!!!