Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finally an update!!

Please forgive us for the EXTREME delay between blog posts. We've been rather busy girls in the shop (those cupcakes dont just bake themselves gosh darn it!), and our religious posting to our facebook page is good, and tonnes of work going on in the background for our hot new website has been happening, our poor ol blog has been neglected...will you forgive us? Pretty please with sprinkles on top?

A pinky promise to you - we will start to blog weekly...shocking I know...BUT...its in our calendar..with reminders even..WHOA..thats official!

Recap in Bullet Points incase you've missed any action of late..

  • We celebrated 1 year in our store...INSANE how the time has flown! - We have really settled into the store and have some amazing locals and regulars - its rather like Cheers sometimes with peeps popping into visit, staying for their lunch from the sushi shop a few doors down, and where everybody knooows your naaaame!

  • Sophie who has joined our team rocks our world, and is possibly as zany as us. She makes AMAZING Cake pops - which we always say are AMAZEBALLS, and the bad jokes just keep flyin around the kitchen...but seriously, if you haven't tried a Cake Pop...then do it..keep you eye out for them on Saturdays instore.

  • We got some HOT canvas art for the store of our cupcakes, which has really brightened up the place, and helped considerably with the echo (go figure!)

  • Got our new wee vehicle which is perfect for zipping around on cupcake business with our Pink logo on the back...she is affectionately known as Daisy, so if you see her around, give her a friendly finger signals thanks (note to self..have to curb the inner road rage now that vehicle is signwritten!)

  • More exciting new flavours added to our range, making appearances in store from time to time, some we have dreamed up whilst hungry, and some are from your awesome suggestions...keep em comin..we love coming up with new flavours.

  • Kathryn has two new fur babies, adopted from Raewyns Cat Rescue. They've settled into home and putting up with their big 4 year old human brother very well, and are already growing quickly.

  • Another fantastic Food Show has been and gone (and we have our voices back now from our constant talking!! hehe) It was great as always meeting all sorts of awesome peeps, handing our zillions of mini's for taste testers and swapping goodies with other exhibitors! hehe.. We got a great response from one of our dessert tables that we had on display - even having a couple of things swiped of it!

  • Colleen is having fun with the evening classes, teaching you keen home cupcakers the secrets the buttercream frosting, meeting lots of fellow baking addicts and having some laughs along the way.

  • Brilliant having a few of the papers, womens magazines and online sites featuring us of late - Thanks to Womans Day, New Idea, nzgirl, Sunday Star Times & The North Shore Times. Still a little odd seeing our logo and cupcakes in print sometimes!

  • The Novelty of our iphones still hasnt worn off, so please forgive us for experimenting with a million different picture apps, labels and filters for our site, and spamming our Facebook wall & Twitter with them! We have to say though, being able to see your orders in our calendar at the touch of a button wherever we are, or clicking on your address or phone number when we're a tad lost is invaluable!

  • Pita Pit has opened on Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay - so a 5 min drive to get our lunch fix is a regular occurance...YAY for a yummy balance - we have to be good girls with all the important cupcake taste testing that goes on

  • We have ANOTHER new obsession....Pinterest.....words cant describe it...its our happy place - full of inspiration, beautiful things, amazing recipes, DIY projects we never have any time for, and everyone elses perfect houses that we put in our 'Lotto Dreams' board...oh, and cakes and cupcakes...lets not forget those!..Heaven....if you are not scared of being sucked in as we have been - then we dare you to look -

  • Been workin on our new website...I swear we have written enough content there that is the equivalent of writing a book - Super excited that its due to launch eyes peeled

  • Really looking forward to the next SPCA Cupcake Day - we are going to be super busy as we are donating LOTS of cupcakes for the SPCA to sell at a couple of sites on the North post to come about that, so stay tuned!

Righto...catch you soooooon...PROMISE!

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  1. Wow! Sounds like exciting times!
    Can't wait to see how your new website turns out!
    Good luck with weekly blog posts, remember you can future date blog posts to go out when you want them to ;-)