Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Cant believe that its that time of year again...what to do? What to do? Soap on a rope?, Socks?, Slippers? BBQ tools?, Rod Steward CD?, Old Spice? hmmmm, they've all kinda been done to death huh?! Well, luckily that blokes like cupcakes too!

When we first opened, we have to admit we were quite surprised with the number of guys that come in to purchase some sweet treats, and even more surprised to find that its often the guys that drive the decision regarding flavour of wedding cupcake towers!

So this Saturday, we will have some bloke friendly flavours in store - they'll be baked fresh as usual, so will be fine for you to store them in an airtight containers somewhere at home, to give to the special man in your life come Fathers Day this Sunday morning.
We aren't usually open on Sunday's and aren't going to make an exemption or do deliveries on Sunday, as we want to spend the day with our special men too..we're sure you understand!

Blokey Favourites available as pictured above:
Boston Gnome - Vanilla stuffed with Custard topped in Vanilla dipped in Chocolate
Luck of the Irish - Guinness infused chocolatey cupcake topped with Baileys irish cream frosting
Choc Bomb - Double Chocolate with Chocolate Ganache
Buzz Bar - Stuffed with Caramel & Marshmellow, topped in Vanilla Chocolate
Tiramisu - Stuffed with coffee filling, infused with espresso and topped in coffee cream cheese
Cookie Dough - Caramelly cupcake with chewy cookie dough inside.

Pre-orders taken for pick ups - we recommend a box of 6 (one of each flavour) or a Dozen (2 of each flavour) for variety.
The last day for pre-ordering - particularly for deliveries will be Friday mid-day.
Of course, we'll be baking our wee hearts out so there are lots instore, but in order to avoid disappointment, its a good idea to get your order in.
We havent got a special 'Fathers Day' set on our website (as our new one is still in development behind the scenes) - so just order a different flavour from the online menu and in the 'special instructions to merchant' state: Fathers Day mix' and we'll get it sorted - or give us a call at the shop: 09 974 3349

So think about your men...Dads, Grandads, Stepdads, Dads of your 'Fur Children' - or the special Father figure in your life, and grab them something on Saturday. We all know the way to their hearts is through their tummies!


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