Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vacancies, Weddings, Cupcakes, Websites...Its Go Go Go !!!

Well, its been all systems go around here.
We are barely getting a minute to catch our breath - Food Show, SPCA Cupcake Day, Fathers Day, now the Wedding Show AND searching for another Part-timer.

Dont fret - our amazing Sophie isnt going anywhere, we are just needing more hands on deck, and we're having a wee switch-a-roo. Its exciting to add to the Delish team, and we are certainly looking forward to the extra help!
Details of the position are on our facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150287705163370 so if you or you know of anyone that is keen, spread the word..the more applications the merrier!

Still waiting to hear the final tally of what was raised at the recent SPCA Cupcake Day, but the cupcakes we'd donated sold out, and we understand that funds raised are up on last year - so that's great to hear!

We had a lovely time at the Grand Wedding Show, and even whizzed around the show ourselves to check out some ideas for Kathryn's sisters wedding next year (where we are bridesmaids). It was neat to look at the other exhibitors wares and actually have a purpose for them, instead of just oohhing and aaahhrring and not having an occasion where they could be used!

We're super chuffed with how fun the Black, White & Yellow Dessert table turned out - The yellow really popped and was a fun contrast against the Black n White. Quite a few brides that came through mentioned that Yellow was in their wedding colour pallet, so that was a stroke of luck!

Exciting that we got to showcase the gorgeous Vintage Lace cupcake paper surrounds. They are ivory in colour, and were just really soft and romantic. We've done them with other colours behind them, and the colour pokes through - we'll have to do some mock ups and line them all up for a pic to show you the difference.

The Green and Brown Koru theme tower was a hit too, with many couples wanting to add a kiwiana feel to their special days - I love brown and green together..and who doesnt love chocolate!!

Still waiting for the last little bits and bobs to be done on the new website. We know you're excited to see it..so will shout from the rooftops when its here...

Let us know what you think of all the wedding goodies...oh..and if you have emailed us through any enquiries (wedding related or not) - just know we are replying as quickly as possible...there really are just not enough hours in the day!

Catch you soon


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  1. LOVE the yellow and black dessert table, reminds me of an Amy Atlas one! Great colours!
    Hmm...maybe I should apply for the part time job, how awesome would that be!