Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our first ever blog entry

Hello and welcome to our first blog entry!! We are two ladies and besties from Auckland, New Zealand who love cupcakes so much that we have decided to setup a business together. We are very excited about the idea of others enjoying our cupcakes as much as we do.
We will be selling cupcakes online specially to order on our website which is currently being developed and also at a market local to us. Watch this space for pics of the beautiful cupcakes that are baked from scratch.

So who are we??? Well I’m Kathryn…hi *waves* I’m a full time working Mum of 1 and I’ve been obsessed with cupcakes for many years now. It’s ridiculous the amount of time that I spend thinking about cupcakes. Baking is something that I have always enjoyed but never thought that it would something that I would do for a living. I’ve spent most of my working career as an IT geek ;)
I'm Colleen, although lots of people just call me Colly, or Dobby (after the house elf from Harry Potter, as I'm a bit of a tidy freak) I work full time in the insurance industry (which doesnt really light my creative fire), and have always dabbled in arty/crafty things. I'm really excited about applying those skills and my crazy perfectionist ways to the cupcakes. We often joke about my wee touch of OCD, but I think this will be an added bonus for quality control. hehe.

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