Monday, June 8, 2009

Special Orders for June

We've been letting our creative fingers run wild the last couple of weeks with some special orders.

A friend wanted to thank her local Animal hospital after her dog had a major operation. The staff had been so supportive, and she wanted something special for them that they could all enjoy, so we were chuffed when she asked us to whip up come cupcakes for them. We thought that something animal appropriate would be cute, so made these Puppies and cat cupcakes.
They were double chocolate cupcakes with our Malt Icing - the dogs ears were specially made shortbread. The cats ears were little Milo breakfast cereal curls. We loved how they turned out, and everyone that saw them fell in love with them - we hope you like them too.

What could make a team building event of Ten Pin Bowling even more fun??  Special Bowling cupcakes of course!!! After playing around with fondant icing to make the Pins, we cheated and used Milk Bottle lollies instead! Using an edible pen to put the red stripes on them, and using Giant Jaffas for the bowling balls. They turned out great, and people were relucantant to eat them as they looked so good.

We had our biggest  birthday party order yet and are kicking ourselves that we didnt get photos. It was still dark in the morning when we delivered them and we wouldntve got any good shots...but take our word for it, they were great!!! was a Superheros and Fairies theme. We did a variety of: Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Ginga Ninjas, Butterflies and flowers, Big Gerberas, Pink & Green flowers, and did Mini Cookie Monster and Elmo for the wee ones. It was quite a mammoth task, but we were overjoyed at how fantastic they turned out and the lovely feedback that we got from the birthday girls family. Hopefully we'll get some pics sent to us at a later stage for us to post :)

Our website is getting its finishing touches and we are naturally busting with excitement. Meanwhile, support at the Silverdale Market has been great, and word of mouth is already spreading. The novelty still hasnt worn off for us each time we get a new 'fan' on our facebook fanpage!

Will keep you posted with our next cupcake news !!!


  1. Just wondering where you get your pens from with the edible ink. Love your cupcakes - are you at any other markets other than the Silverdale one?

  2. The dog and cat cupcakes are awesome!! I bet they were much appreciated!

  3. I need to get my hands on some of your cupcakes! Look soo good :)

  4. Tammy - we get the pens from it is a sugar art pen by sugarflair colours. We are looking into other markets but at the moment just at Silverdale. We will hopefully get into the Albany Farmers Market and might also try the Auckland Farmers Market.

    Thanks all for the lovely comments :)