Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Working websites and working hard

Well, an exciting few weeks of development for us!
OUR WEBSITE IS WORKING!!! We are sooooo excited that its up - Its great to see it all put together! Its certainly a lot nicer in real life than the sketches we did that reminded us of a primary school project!
A VERY special thanks to Kathryns husband who worked into the wee small hours for us getting it up - and for putting up with our daily 'are we there yet?' moans!
The pics from our photoshoot are looking amazing...we even had to 'watermark' them to help prevent theft - heck - imagine that - others like our cupcake pics so much, they may steal them and palm them off as their own!
Our friends have been wonderful spreading the word for us, and our facebook fans have been so supportive - we are closely monitoring the 'hits' statistics etc, and its exciting seeing that increase daily.
We are chuffed to have found a new supplier whom we can source a few products from to help us achieve more special cupcakes. We've had fun playing with their Chocolate Transfers to create our new 'Fancy Pants' cupcake.
Its a double chocolate cupcake, with strawberry frosting and a fancy wee dark chocolate heart which has the little pink hearts on.
Its super sweet, very girly, and has been popular at the markets.
Here's a pic of it attached.
The Silverdale Market is going well. We're getting to know other stall holders now, and are learning more tricks to help us through the cold winter mornings. We were chilled to the bone this week with a cold southerly - and were most jealous of our 'neighbour' who had a hot water bottle under her jacket - now THATS thinking...needless to say, we will be having those up our jumpers this week!
Both being huge Dog lovers (but unfortunately neither having one of our own) we're enjoying spotting all the dogs of the people wandering by - here is 'Eddy' enjoying every last crumbs from her Mummy, Sallys cupcake case! ADORABLE!

We are also exploring more markets around Auckland. We will keep you updated with any new locations.

We have been busy with orders over the last couple of weekends and have done a few special ones lately. Firstly we did a Cookie Monster & Elmo birthday order for one of our favourite facebook fans :)

The order below is building themed order, who says cupcakes are girlie! The cupcakes were a mix of flavours and frosting with chocolate tools stabbed in them.

These little mini's were a thank you to Glenpark Child Care Centre, the ladies there are amazing. We did mini lil Teasers and also Vanilla with vanilla buttercream and Vanilla with strawberry frosting.

Finally here's one that we are both in love with. These we an order for a psychologist. It was a double chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache. Poor Colleen spent hours making the fondant but they were well worth it.

We are also excited about latest cupcake purchase, a giant cupcake tin from America. We have done a trial run which was very yummy and adorable. We will have them for sale on the website as soon as we can figure out how to house them :)

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  1. I'm so lovin the cookie monster cupcakes! but Bert and Ernie would be ultra funny! and you're little cupcake people are soooo cute! You've given me some great ideas!