Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feb - the month of love - and the month of Madness -

Well, we cant believe its nearly the END of February - we barely have a moment to sleep. The quiet breather of New Years is a distant memory now! - We have been very busy girls this month and were so chuffed with all the thoughtful guys and girls out there who treated their valentine with a cupcake...we didnt even have time to go shopping for our 3 guesses as to what they got for Valentines??....yep...a cupcake!
We hope that you went to grab a funky T-Shirt from our friends at Mr Vintage over Valentines Week - we did a special range of Valentines cupcakes just for them, and hear that they were well received.
If you happened to miss out, never mind...head along and check out their awesome store and t-shirts...they're good sorts.
We were very excited about our Valentines range, and LOVED our Lemon/Raspberry cupcake, we may just have to add it to the menu all the time...then hope that people order it so we can enjoy any left overs! hehe.
Wedding season is in full force, and we're having fun finalising designs for brides and cant wait for their big days - I think sometimes we look forward to their weddings as much as them! - we feel lucky to liaise with people during such a special time in their lives, and we are still touched that they want our cupcakes to feature. The feedback that we get from our clients and their guests after the big day certainly gives us the warm fuzzies.
Below is the gallery of our valentines bake - it was quite a mammoth effort, having other orders, the awesome Mr Vintage promotion and also a wedding thrown in the mix. It was a White & Gold Creation - we LOVED the personalised initials, they really added a touch of Elegance.
Finally - stay tuned for some new flavours - eeeeeee....exciting...there are many happy tummies from our taste testing trials...hehe.

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