Monday, March 8, 2010

Variety Club Bash

We are very excited to be sponsoring a team as part of the Variety Club Bash.
Variety provides support to New Zealand children who are sick, disabled or disadvantaged through a range of programmes and individual grants.

An australian team called 'The Cupcake Girls' are currently driving a Mini with a Giant Cupcake on the roof from Christchurch all the way up the country selling cupcakes to raise funds for the Variety Club. They have been participating in the bash for years and have traveled all over Australia raising funds with cupcakes, and we're chuffed they asked us to help.

Our lovely friends at the Cupcake Parlour in Christchurch donated Cupcakes for their southern end of the journey, and the wonderful peeps at Bill Chill Distribution have helped us out with being able to get our cupcakes distributed at other centres throughout NZ so the girls can sell them to raise funds for the bash.

Look out for the green mini with cupcake on the roof and our logo as part of the Variety Club drive. The convoy will finish at MOTAT in Auckland at Western Springs on Sunday 15th March at approx 4.30pm, where there will be more of our cupcakes around to be sold for charity.

We will be sure to get pictures up on our blog incase you dont manage to spot the adorable mini for yourself.

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